“Babylon” Filming Locations

Two agents eerily similar to Mulder & Scully ask for help in investigating a terrorist bombing in Texas.

Series: The X-Files Season 10, Episode 5
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The X-Files episode "Babylon" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Westward Inn & Suites as Babylon Motel

Shiraz arrives at the motel which SWAT later raids.


Parking Lot (on Railway Street) as Ziggura Gallery

An art gallery explodes after Shiraz enters it.


611 Alexander Street as Trumpet Video

Mulder shows Scully a video of people hearing strange trumpeting from the heavens.

BC Place Stadium as Dulles Concorse

Agents Einstein and Miller are waiting at the airport when they are called by Mulder and Scully respectively.

Elements Casino as Texas Airport

Miller picks up Scully at the airport, and later Einstein picks up Mulder.

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital) as Texan Hospital

Miller and Scully arrive at the hospital where Shiraz is being kept alive and discuss how to communicate with him.

Roosters Country Cabaret as Country Bar

Mulder hallucinates while tripping on mushrooms.

Blieberger Farm as Mulder's House

Scully talks to Mulder at his home.

Source: X-Files News