“My Struggle II” Filming Locations

The mysterious plan comes to fruition and Scully is forced to fight against a global pandemic while Mulder hunts down the Cigarette Smoking Man.

Series: The X-Files Season 10, Episode 6
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The X-Files episode "My Struggle II" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

West Hastings Street (between Thurlow & Burrard) as F.B.I. Headquarters

Scully parks her car on the street outside headquarters and later she has to fight her way through the riot to get to it.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital) as Our Lady of Sorrows Hospital

Scully and Einstein work to cure the sickness.


Southwest Marine Drive (between Westbrook & Kullahun) as Road to South Carolina

Mulder drives to the Cigarette Smoking Man's hideout while ducking calls from Skinner and Scully.

Robson Square as Meeting Monica Reyes

Scully meets with her old colleague Monica Reyes and learns about the Cigarette Smoking Man's plan.

North Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital) as Cigarette Smoking Man's Hospital

In a flashback, Monica Reyes is recruited by the Cigarette Smoking Man while he is recovering from his burns.

Cecil Green Park House (UBC) as Cigarette Smoking Man's Mansion

Mulder confronts the Smoking Man in his mansion.


Georgia Viaduct as Southeast Freeway

Scully works her way through traffic to Mulder and Miller with the cure.