“Crazy for You” Filming Locations

Series: The Flash Season 1, Episode 12
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The Flash episode "Crazy for You" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Cornett Road & Natal Street as Car Crash

The Flash saves several people from a car that then explodes.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital) as Iron Heights Prison

Shawna Baez uses her teleportation to break Clay Parker out of prison.


CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre as S.T.A.R. Labs (courtyard)

Hartley Rathaway shows Cisco some evidence of the fate of Ronnie.

Catalyst Paper Corporation as Armored Car Heist

Barry attempts to interrupt Shawna Baez and Clay Parker's armored car heist.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital) as Police Station

Barry goes looking for Iris only to find her heading home with Eddie.


The Press Box as Karaoke Night

Barry and Caitlin hang out at the bar and sing Karaoke.

Catalyst Paper Corporation as Warehouse Raid

The police raid the warehouse where Marcus Stockheimer is meeting with Shawna Baez and Clay Parker.


Skeena Street Tunnel as Tunnel with Construction

Barry confronts and captures Shawna Baez in a tunnel filled with construction equipment.

Alley (south of Water, west of Cambie) as Antiques Alley

The Flash gives Iris information on the escaped prisoner.