“Midnight City” Filming Locations

Series: Arrow Season 3, Episode 11
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Arrow episode "Midnight City" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Rogers Sugar Mill as Woman in Alley

A woman under attack in an alley is saved my Laurel as Black Canary who is in turn saved by Roy as Arsenal.

Terminal City Iron Works as Queen Industrial Inc. & Verdant Nightclub

Vancouver Art Gallery as Mayor's Office

A meeting between the mayor and other important city officials is attacked by Brick and his goons.

Aura Nightclub as Hong Kong Club

Oliver and Maseo go to recover Tatsu from a club run by China White.


Rogers Sugar Mill as Alley Ambush

Laurel and Roy attempt to ambush Brick but end up getting one of the aldermen killed.

Brockton Point (Stanley Park) as Brockton Point

The Mayor and others go to negotiate with Brick.

Buller Studio as Alley behind Police Station