Movies Filmed at Higgins Estate

Roguery Road, Toomebridge, Antrim BT41, UK
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Game of Thrones


A new set was constructed for season two's Winterfell scenes on the grounds of this estate.

Appears in 17 episodes.

Bran watches his father when he was young.

The Door

Bran sees the origin of Hodor.

Battle of the Bastards

The giant forces his way into the castle and Jon's forces defeat the Boltons.

The Winds of Winter

Sansa joins Jon on the battlements while he is watching Melisandre depart.


Sansa and Jon get into an argument over how to rule and Jon gets a message from Cersei.


Jon receives a message from Daenerys calling him to Dragonstone.

The Queen's Justice

Sansa is managing the castle when she receives an unexpected visitor.

The Spoils of War

Arya returns to the castle and has to find her way past two terrible gate guards.


Arya follows Littlefinger around the castle as he meets with various people.

Beyond the Wall

Sansa reminisces about the past and Arya brings up the letter she found in Littlefinger's room.

The Dragon and the Wolf

Arya and Sansa talk on the battlements about their late father.


Arya blends in with the crowd to watch as Jon, Daenerys, and the armies ride through town towards the castle where Sansa welcomes them (BTS photos).

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

The castle bustles with activity in preparation for the upcoming battle.

The Long Night

The defenders attempt to hold back the Army of the Dead.

The Last Of The Starks

The dead are mourned and the armies head south.

Also appears in “What Is Dead May Never Die” & “High Sparrow”.
Camp on the Kingsroad

The group traveling north stops for a rest where Arya interacts with the three caged men for the first time in episode 2x02 “The Night Lands”.

Red Wedding Courtyard

Arya arrives outside the Twins only to find everyone being executed in episode 3x09 “The Rains of Castamere”.