Enchanted Filming Locations

A woman from a magical land is transported to our world by an evil queen so she won’t be able to marry the Prince.

Enchanted was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Times Square (north of 45th)

Times Square

Giselle and several other people from the other side arrive through a manhole in Times Square.


West 43rd Street & 7th Avenue/Broadway (Times Square)

Subway Entrance

Giselle gets swept down into the subway after arriving in New York.


Delancey Street (between Bowery & Chrystie)

Subway Exit

Giselle emerges from the subway in a strange part of town.


Howard Street (between Mercer & Broadway)

Homeless Man

Giselle, lost in a strange part of the city, talks to a homeless man who steals her crown.


875 3rd Avenue

Churchill, Harline, & Smith LLP

Robert takes Giselle with him to work where she causes problems with a client.

Source: IMDb


North Moore Street & West Broadway

Palace Casino Billboard

Giselle climbs up to a billboard thinking it is a real palace and is spotted by Robert and Morgan for the first time.


440 Riverside Drive

Robert and Morgan's Apartment (exterior)

Robert runs out after Nancy after she sees Giselle in his apartment. Later, Prince Edward locates the building from a news broadcast.


Coenties Slip (between Pearl & Water)

Flies on Food Cart

A bunch of flies life off a food cart in response to Giselle's call for help.

Washington Square Park

Pigeons by Cops

A flock of pigeons fly by two mounted cops in response to Giselle's summons.


7th Avenue (between 46th & 47th) (Times Square)

Attacking Bus

Prince Edward attacks a bus with his sword and gets yelled at by the driver.


Time Warner Center

Time Warner Center

Robert brings Giselle to his work and she marvels at a statue in the lobby.

Katz's Deli


Pip tries to tell Prince Edward that Nathaniel is the bad guy.

Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle

Nathaniel spots Giselle walking with Robert and sends the Prince off in a different direction while Giselle enters the park.


Southwest Corner (Central Park)

Woman on Bench

Giselle gives the money Robert gave her to a old woman sitting on a bench in the park.


Next to The Pond (Central Park)

Next to the Pond

Robert and Giselle are walking beside the Pond when Nathaniel tries to sell her a poisoned candy apple.


South Corner (Central Park)

Beside the Bridge

Giselle begins to sing a song with a steel drum band while Nathaniel watches.


The Dairy Visitor Center and Gift Shop (Central Park)

Singing through Building

Giselle leads a small group of musicians through a building.


The Glade (Central Park)


Giselle runs across a green field early in the song.


Naumburg Bandshell (Central Park)

Naumburg Bandshell

Early in the song, a group of men give flowers to a group of ladies and then they dance. Later, Giselle is with a young girl in a castle set in front of a large cheering crowd.


The Lake (Central Park)

The Lake

Robert rows Giselle through the lake while musicians play in boats surrounding them.

The Mall (Central Park)

The Mall

A bunch of brides and grooms dance around Giselle and Robert during the song.

Belvedere Castle (Central Park)

Belvedere Castle

Giselle dances through a group of European dancers.


Reservoir Bridge (Central Park)

Reservoir Bridge

Prince Edward jumps off a bridge to chase down Giselle but is run over by a ground of cyclists.


Skater's Road (Central Park)

Dancing in Street

Giselle dances with a group of skaters in the the street during the song.


Sheep Meadow (Central Park)

Sheep Meadow

During the song, Giselle and Robert sit at a picnic.

Bow Bridge (Central Park)

Bow Bridge

The large party of singers continues dancing across the bridge.

Bethesda Terrace (Central Park)

Bethesda Terrace

Giselle's song ends in front of Bethesda fountain.


The B Hotel & Hostel

The Grand Duke Hotel (exterior)

Nathaniel takes the Prince to a sketchy hotel and Pip makes a daring zip line escape.


Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge

Giselle and Prince Edward walk across the Brooklyn Bridge at the end of their tour of the city.


Calypso St. Barth


Giselle and Morgan begin their shopping spree.


Elie Tahari

Elie Tahari

Giselle and Morgan go shopping for clothes.


142 Mercer Street


Giselle and Morgan walk out of a store with a bunch of purchases.


Cutler Salon


Giselle and Morgan chat while getting worked on at the salon.


West 42nd Street & 7th Avenue


Queen Narissa disables a bunch of cars with her magic while crossing the street.


AllianceBernstein Building


Queen Narissa uses a fountain as a viewer to search out Giselle and the Prince.