Frequency Filming Locations

Frequency was filmed in Vancouver in Canada and New York in United States of America.
Show Map

Aja Tan Studios

Pulled from River

Frank's car is pulled from the river with his body in pilot episode.

North 40 Dog Park


Raimy is called to a crime scene where an old skeleton is found in a swamp in pilot episode.

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)


Raimy is briefed on the skeleton found in the swamp in pilot episode.


Young Raimy brings Frank the ham radio in the hospital where he is being treated for his gunshot wound in pilot episode. Young Eva is treated at the hospital in episode 1x04 "Bleed Over".

750 Pacific Boulevard

Police Station

Raimy looks through the old Nightingale Killer case files in pilot episode.


Queensbridge Park

Jogging in Park

Rainy goes jogging in the park while thinking about her father when she was younger in pilot episode.

Allied Shipbuilders

The Docks

Frank heads to the docks to talk with Little Jay about the upcoming deal in pilot episode. Frank returns to convince Little Jay to turn himself over to the police in episode 1x02 "Signal and Noise".


Elmhurst Avenue Station

Elmhurst Avenue Station

Raimy catches the train on her way to her dinner with Daniel in pilot episode.


West 42nd Street & 6th Avenue

Catching Cab

Raimy catches a taxi while trying to call her mother in pilot episode.


Queen Plaza (between Crescent & 27th)

Queensboro Plaza Station

Daniel talks to Raimy on the phone and she tells him to call Frank on the radio in pilot episode.


Station Street (between Prior & National)

Thomas Goff's Hideout

Raimy tracks down Thomas Goff to one of his family's properties and spots him taking out the trash in episode 1x03 "The Near Far Problem".

Hit by Cab

Thomas Goff intentionally walks in front of a taxi while being chased by Frank and Satch in episode 1x03 "The Near Far Problem".


Empty Lot under Viaduct

Empty Lot

Raimy takes Thomas Goff to a deserted lot to interrogate him about her mother's abduction in episode 1x03 "The Near Far Problem".


National Avenue & Station Street

Washington Square Park

Frank and Satch stake out the payphone that Thomas Goff uses to call his mother in episode 1x03 "The Near Far Problem".


Milross Avenue & Main Street

Chasing Goff

Frank and Satch chase Thomas Goff down the street where he ducks into an empty lot in episode 1x03 "The Near Far Problem".


Rogers Sugar Mill

Abandoned Factory

Raimy and the police search the old factory for signs of where Eva was held in episode 1x04 "Bleed Over".


MacLean Park


Frank invites Eva and her father to the park for a playdate with young Raimy in episode 1x04 "Bleed Over".