“Very Erectus” Filming Locations

Todd & Dirk head into the woods on a treasure hunt while Amanda spends some time with the Rowdy Three and Farah follows the two cops as they have a breakthrough in the case.

Series: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Season 1, Episode 5
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Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency episode "Very Erectus" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Pennington Hall (Riverview Hospital) as Animal Transfer Unit (exterior)

Estevez & Zimmerfield arrive to investigate the condemned building while being followed by Farah.


Astoria Hotel as Bus Stop

Bart and Ken leave their stolen ambulance by the side of the road after it runs out of gas.


Seymour Mainline (LSCR) as Treasure Hunt (road)

Dirk & Todd drive into the woods following the map left to them by Patrick Spring.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital) as Seattle Police Department (exterior)

Farah watches and listens to the duo of police officers as they discuss the case.


Tomahawk Restaurant as Restaurant

Todd attempts to test out Dirk's apparent psychic powers while they are out for lunch during their journey.


Connaught Apartments as Ridgely Building

Amanda heads off with the Rowdy Three.

Centre Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital) as Prepping in Alley

Col. Riggins and Sgt. Friedkin put on their gear while preparing to talk to the Rowdy Three.


Glenlyon Parkway (past Fraser) as Driving

The Rowdy Three drive their van down the street with Amanda.

Former Vancouver Zoo (Stanley Park) as Seattle Zoo

Estevez and Zimmerfield talk to a zoo employee about Gordon Rimmer who works there.


Raymur Avenue (between Cordova & Pender) as Smashing Car

Amanda has another attack after the Rowdy Three convince her to smash up a parking enforcement car with them.

Spur 4 Bridge (LSCR) as Treasure Hunt (bridge)

Dirk and Todd search for another hidden treasure by a bridge in the woods.


Mid-Valley Fisheries Enhancement (LSCR) as Treasure Hunt (swamp)

Todd and Dirk uncover another piece of the machine from next to a body of water.

750 Pacific Boulevard as Seattle Police Department (interior)

They try to get their captain to get them a warrant for the zoo.


Alley (south of Cordova, west of Hawks) as Alley

Riggins heads to the alley to talk with the Rowdy Three but things quickly get out of control when Friedkin decides to 'help'.

Oceanic Plaza as Plaza

Ken follows Bart out of the hotel where she plans on killing someone.

Centre Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital) as Animal Transfer Facility (interior)

The two detectives find a pile of bodies in the building.


Fern Terrace (between Mariner & Violet) (Riverview Hospital) as Pullout

Estevez pulls the car over and talks to him while Zimmerfield succumbs to his wound.