Movies Filmed at Leon and Thea Koerner University Centre

6331 Crescent Rd, Greater Vancouver A, BC V6T 1Z2, Canada

Part of The University of British Columbia

The Koerner University Centre opened in 1959 as UBC’s new Faculty Club and was designed by Fred Lasserre, a architecture professor. The building underwent several expansions over the years and the upper level now houses the Sage Bistro, a high-end restaurant, and the lower level, after some renovations in 2008, now houses classrooms and a small cafe.

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Koerner's Pub from The Magicians
50 m

Rose Garden from The Magicians and 9 other movies.
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The Magicians

Brakebills Infirmary

Dean Fogg sees the clocks stopping and starts to run across campus in episode 1x01 “Unauthorized Magic”. Quentin and Penny are treated for injuries and Eliza visits Dean Fogg in episode 1x02 “The Source of Magic”. The doctor tries to give Quentin a lobotomy in the dream in episode 1x04 “The World in the Walls”.

Appears in 6 additional episodes.
The Strangled Heart

Penny is treated after being stabbed.

Remedial Battle Magic

Penny is treated for an overdose.

Lesser Evils

Kady and Penny bring Senator Gaines to be warded against Reynard's voice while Quentin is being treated.

We Have Brought You Little Cakes

Penny is given a terminal prognosis and leaves the infirmary with Kady.

Be The Penny

A representative from the library interrogates Kady about Penny's death.

Fillory and Further

Kady brings in Dean Fogg who has is in bad shape after his time in the Etheric Realm at the same time Julia is brought in to deliver her baby.

Fantastic Four

Mountain Place

After the space station incident, the four stay here to recuperate and discover their powers.