“Remedial Battle Magic” Filming Locations

The gang practices battle magic to defend themselves when going after The Beast while Julia and Kady search for information about the old gods.

Series: The Magicians Season 1, Episode 11
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The Magicians episode "Remedial Battle Magic" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Buchanan Building (UBC) as Fountain Quad

Alice calls her parents and learns about Joe's suicide.

Leon and Thea Koerner University Centre (UBC) as Infirmary

Penny is treated for an overdose.

Memorial Road (between Main & East Mall) (UBC) as Pathway

Penny begins to hear the Beast talking in his mind.


WilMar Estate as Physical Kids Cottage

The gang attempts battle magic.

West Lawn (Riverview Hospital) as Hillside

The gang practices battle magic.

Rose Garden (UBC) as Rose Garden

Alice and Quentin talk about Penny's departure during a vision of the future.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital) as Bjorn's Apartment

Kady and Julia visit a local vampire to get information about the gods.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital) as Lamia's Lair

Julia and Kady head into the lair of a lamia and ask her about the god she used to serve.