“The Source of Magic” Filming Locations

The gang tries to avoid getting expelled for the summoning spell while Julia goes through another test to get in with the hedge witches.

Series: The Magicians Season 1, Episode 2
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The Magicians episode "The Source of Magic" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Buchanan Building (UBC) as Fountain Quad

Quentin calls Julia on the payphone and leaves a message.

Leon and Thea Koerner University Centre (UBC) as Infirmary

Quentin and Penny are treated for injuries and Eliza visits Dean Fogg.

Old Auditorium (UBC) as Dormitory (exterior)

Kady tries to convince Penny not to leave the university after the incident in the classroom.

Music Building (UBC) as Statue Square

Quentin confronts Penny about blaming everything on him and then attempts to use battle magic.

Memorial Road (between Main & East Mall) (UBC) as Pathway

Eliot tries to confort Quentin when he is worrying about getting his memories of magic erased.


The Eastside Flea as Hedge Witch Hideout

Marina walks into their hideout where Julia is getting her first star tattoo.


WilMar Estate as Fillory Documentary

A reenactment of the writing of the Fillory books appears in a documentary.


Koerner's Pub (UBC) as Cafe

Quentin sees Alice talk.

Irving K. Barber Learning Centre (UBC) as Van Pelt Fountain

Quentin tries to talk to Alice about what happened in the classroom when they are drawn away by Eliot and Margo.


WilMar Estate as Physical Kids Cottage

Quentin talks to Eliot outside the cottage about the attack and later he and Alice talk to Penny and Kady.


WilMar Estate as Dean's Office

The gang is brought in to talk to Professor Sunderland about the summoning.