“Unauthorized Magic” Filming Locations

Quentin and Julia are given a surprise interview to a hidden magical school in upstate New York.

Series: The Magicians Season 1, Episode 1
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The Magicians episode "Unauthorized Magic" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada and New Orleans in United States of America.
Show Map

Round Table Club as Final Test

Quentin is put through a final magical test before being admitted to Brakebills.

Buchanan Building (UBC) as Fountain Quad

Eliot and Margo make fun of Alice for her apparent advantages while Quentin sits by.


Newcomb Quad (Tulane University) as Brakebills Field

Quentin walks through the trees in a small park and finds himself in the middle of the Brakebills campus where he is greeted by Eliot.


Round Table Club as Dormitory (interior)

Quentin wakes up in his new dorm room after collapsing during the test, and later Kady and Penny have sex and float into the air.

201 Camp Street as Grad School Interview (exterior)

Quentin and Julia walk to Quentin's grad school interview.


Round Table Club as Grad School Interview (interior)

Quentin and Julia enter the interview location only to find the interviewer sitting dead.


Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life (Tulane University) as Testing Hall

Julia walks out of an elevator and finds herself at Brakebills, and then she and Quentin take the admissions exam.


Lavin-Bernick Center for University Life (Tulane University) as Library

Quentin is studying in the library when he hears a knock on a door and finds it opening to Fillory.

Leon and Thea Koerner University Centre (UBC) as Brakebills Infirmary

Dean Fogg sees the clocks stopping and starts to run across campus.

Blood Alley / Trounce Alley (south of Water, west of Carrall) as Chess Park

Dean Fogg meets with Eliza in a park.

Frederic Wood Theatre (UBC) as Outside Classroom

Quentin corners Alice after she is leaving a class and asks her about the strange mark that appeared on his hand.


Gibson Quad (Tulane University) as Brakebills Quad

Eliot and Margo introduce Quentin to the various disciplines.


Josephine Louise House (Tulane University) as Phone Booth

Quentin is talking to James on the phone about Julia when Eliot and Margo approach and invite themselves to the city with him.


Market Street Power Plant as Abandoned Building (exterior)

Pete leads Julia to an abandoned building to learn magic.


Koerner's Pub (UBC) as Cafe

Quentin sees Alice looking at a strange symbol.