Movies Filmed at Rose Garden

Part of The University of British Columbia
6278 NW Marine Dr, Greater Vancouver A, BC, Canada

A small garden located at the north end of the UBC campus which offers amazing views of the water and mountains.

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Leon and Thea Koerner University Centre from The Magicians and 2 other movies.
74 m

The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts from Travelers and 35 other movies.
99 m

Koerner's Pub from The Magicians
122 m

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The Magicians

Rose Garden

Quentin approaches Eliza and talks to her about Penny affliction in episode 1x08 "The Strangled Heart". Alice and Quentin talk about Penny's departure during a vision of the future in episode 1x11 "Remedial Battle Magic". A group of students travel to Fillory in a flashback in episode 1x12 "Thirty-Nine Graves".

Battlestar Galactica

Cloud 9 Ship

Used as the electoral meeting for the Quorum of Twelve in episode 1x06 "Litmus".

Altered Carbon

Bancroft Estate (garden)

Ortega takes the car in for a rough landing in the garden and Kovacs learns that she is a police officer and she learns he is an Envoy in episode 1x01 "Out of the Past". Kovaks arrives at the party with his pink backpack and after the party he joins back up with Elliot and Ortega in episode 1x03 "In a Lonely Place".

The Butterfly Effect

Kayleigh's Wedding


Rose Garden

Maggie goes on her date with Parker which is going well until she hears something troubling in his thoughts in episode 1x07 "Out of Scythe".

Martian Child

Garden with M&Ms

Stargate Universe

Dr. Rush sits here with his wife in episode 1x14 "Human".


Meeting in Garden

Backstrom and Gravely meet with the wife of the cult leader to talk about the $10,000 payment in episode 1x03 "Takes One to Know One".

The King of Fighters

Battle in Snow