Tomorrowland Filming Locations

A young inventor and dreamer finds herself drawn into a strange and dangerous adventure in search of the mysterious Tomorrowland.

Tomorrowland was filmed in Spain, Vancouver in Canada, Paris in France, Los Angeles in United States of America, and Bahamas.
Show Map

Main Mall (between Crescent & Memorial) (UBC)

1964 World's Fair

A young Frank Walker gets off the bus at the World's Fair.

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre & Museum of Vancouver

Hall of Invention

A young Frank Walker shows off his jetpack to Nix for the contest and ends up attracting the attention of Athena.

It's a Small World (ticket booth)

Frank follows Athena and Nix from a distance into the ride.


Faulkner Farm

Walker Farm

A young Frank Walker tests out his jetpack at his family farm. Many years later, Casey is arrives at the farm and tires to talk to Frank.



It's a Small World

Frank Walker sneaks onto the ride with the pin given to him by Athena.

Source: IMDb


Canal Street & North Orange Street

Street Corner

Casey riders her motorcycle around the corner on her way to Cape Kennedy.


Launch Pad 39A (Kennedy Space Center)

Launch Pad 39A

Casey sabotages the cranes to stop the dismantling of the launch platform.

Source: IMDb


Blue Ridge Colony

Wheat Field

Casey touches the Tomorrowland pin and finds herself transported to a brightly lit field.

Source: Credits


North Fraser Way (between Abbotsford & Tillicum)

Bus Driving

The bus Casey is taking to Texas passes a billboard.

Canadian Motion Picture Park Backlot

Blast From the Past

Casey Newton visits a store in Texas to learn about her pin but is attacked by two robots. The store then explodes.

Tree Planting Street

A woman plants a tree in the sidewalk and notices a Tomorrowland pin.

Hornby Drive (between 104 & 112)

Athena Hit

Athena is hit by a truck while crossing the street after Casey. Athena then chases after the pickup when Casey steals it and tries to get away.

Pipeline Road Bridge (Stanley Park)

Forest Bridge

Casey turns at the last moment at Athena's instruction.


Southwest Marine Drive & Wesbrook Mall


Casey, Athena, and Frank drive to the television station.


NRC Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation


Frank and Athena lead Casey to the teleporter hidden under a news station.


Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

Casey, Frank, and Athena teleport to the top of the Eiffel Tower and take off in a hidden rocket ship.


Champ de Mars

Foot of Eiffel Tower

Parisians watch the Eiffel Tower split in two.


City of Arts and Sciences


Frank, Casey, and Athena land in Tomorrowland and are picked up by Nix.

Source: IMDb


Eleuthera Beach


Nix tries to leave the group on a secluded beach but ends up fighting there with Frank.

Robson Square

Tokyo Square

A man playing the guitar on the street notices the Tomorrowland pin in his case.


General Motors Design Studio

Car Prototyping Lab

A woman working on an automotive prototype sees one of the Tomorrowland pins.

Source: Credits

Vancouver Art Gallery

Judge's Chambers

A judge in Hong Kong notices the Tomorrowland pin on his desk.

Gordon MacMillan Southam Observatory


A man notices a Tomorrowland pin while working in an observatory.