Movies Filmed at H.R. MacMillan Space Centre & Museum of Vancouver

1100 Chestnut St, Vancouver, BC V6J 5E5, Canada
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Founded in 1968 and named after the prominent Canadian forester H.R. MacMillan, the space centre holds science exhibits, space-themed games, and the Star Theatre planetarium. The building also holds the Vancouver Museum all about the history of the city. Next door is the George MacMillan Southam Observatory.

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Santa Barbara Space Center

Shawn takes on a job at the space center which Gus frequently visits to see a girl as part of an investigation into a death at the observatory in episode 1x10 "From the Earth to Starbucks".

Sedore Museum of Cultural Anthropology

From episode 2x16 "Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead".


Galaxy Camp

Galaxy Camp interiors were filmed inside the building, the exteriors were filmed in Vanier Park just behind the space center for the flashback in episode #418 "This One Time at Space Camp…".

Legends of Tomorrow

Hub City University [1960]

Kendra comes to meet Ray at the classroom where he is teaching in episode 1x09 "Left Behind".


Parks Conservatory Gala

Lena attempts to coerce a confession from Edge in exchange for saving his life at a charity gala in episode 3x12 "For Good".


Hall of Invention

A young Frank Walker shows off his jetpack to Nix for the contest and ends up attracting the attention of Athena.

It's a Small World (ticket booth)

Frank follows Athena and Nix from a distance into the ride.


Hawthorne Film Studies

Parker gets Maggie's warning text too late to protect him from Chloe, the pixie. Later, the sisters track Zack there to stop him from controlling Chloe and Harry in episode 1x13 "Manic Pixie Nightmare".