“Ramifications” Filming Locations

Penny finds a way into the Poison Room, Quentin finds a way to bring Alice back, Eliot searches for a way back to Fillory, and Julia & Kady find a way to draw out Reynard.

Series: The Magicians Season 2, Episode 12
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The Magicians episode "Ramifications" was filmed in Vancouver & Britannia Beach in Canada.
Show Map

UBC Botanical Garden and Centre for Plant Research (UBC) as Neitherlands

Penny tracks down the fountain leading to the Poison Room and Sylvia breaks through the shield over the fountain so they can travel through.

Britannia Mine Museum as The Poison Room

Sylvia and Penny travel into the Poison Room to search for the books they need only to learn that the room's name is more literal than they thought.

Burrard Dry Dock Pier as Welcome to Vancouver Sign

A quick establishing shot of the Vancouver sign.


668 Beachview Drive as Umber's House

Quentin and Eliot visit a home in Vancouver of the new owner of the Chatwin's clock only to find he is the god Umber in hiding.


6742 224 Street as Murs Farm

Julia and Kady create a massive storm on a French farm to draw Reynard out.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital) as Brakebills South (interior)

Quentin visits the recovering Alice briefly in her room before heading off to Fillory.