“All About Eve” Filming Locations

The team investigates Eve who might hold the answer to Lex's location and plans.

Series: Supergirl Season 4, Episode 17
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Supergirl episode "All About Eve" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital) as National City Hospital

Kelly catches James as he is leaving the hospital and says he might want to see someone about his trauma.


20424 98a Avenue as Mary Teschmacher's Home

Lena, Kara, and Alex investigate Eve's aunt's house and realize she used the syrum to cure her terminally ill cousin.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital) as White House Tunnels

Eve condescendingly briefs Snowbird on her mission while they sneak underground in maintenance uniforms.

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital) as National City University

Kara, Lena, and Alex search Eve's secret lab, discover some clues, and are attacked by a failed experiment.


Agricultural Road & Main Mall (UBC) as White House Fence

People protesting the repeal of the Alien Amnesty Act gather in front of the White House.

Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery (UBC) as Washington D.C. Lot

Kara locates a shielded car that she believes Eve is hiding inside but finds out it is a trap.

Centre Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital) as White House

People run out of the White House in a panic as it is attacked by Snowbird posing as Supergirl.