Centre Lawn Building

2601 Lougheed Hwy, Coquitlam, BC V3C 5X9, Canada

Part of Riverview Hospital

The Centre Lawn Building opened in 1924 housing 300 patients in what was originally the Acute Psychopathic Wing. Closed down in July of 2012 making it the last operational wing of the hospital.

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Filmed in Centre Lawn Building

The X-Files

Trashman Hideout (exterior)

Scully and Mulder follow the kid who bought the spray paint into a building in episode 10x04 “Home Again”.

Franklin Hospital (exterior)

The homeless people are unloaded off a bus at the hospital in episode 10x04 “Home Again”.


Arkham Asylum (gate)

Barry, Oliver, and Kara plan their search for Dr. Deegan and are joined by Caitlin, Cisco, and Diggle who tell them about the message from Earth-90 in episode 7x09 “Elseworlds, Part 2”.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Animal Transfer Facility (interior)

A new soul is transferred into Agent Weedle's body in episode 1x04 “Watkin”. The two detectives find a pile of bodies in the building in episode 1x05 “Very Erectus”. Dirk and Todd are taken to be interrogated by Gordon Rimmer in episode 1x06 “Fix Everything”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
Weaponized Soul

Dirk & Todd witness the events from a week before.

Two Sane Guys Doing Normal Things

Estevez interrogates our heroes.

Also appears in “Rogue Wall Enthusiasts”.
Prepping in Alley

Col. Riggins and Sgt. Friedkin put on their gear while preparing to talk to the Rowdy Three in episode 1x05 “Very Erectus”.


Webb holds his daughter for the first in episode 1x07 “Weaponized Soul”.

Deadpool 2

Essex House for Mutant Rehabilitation (exterior)

Russell is dropped off at the mutant facility and later Wade accompanies Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus to try to deescalate the situation with Russell.


Burnside Orphanage (interior)

Kate fights off several members of Alice's gang but is eventually captured and brought before Alice herself in pilot episode.

Hospital (exterior)

Alice kills a Crows Security guard and steal his uniform in episode 1x12 “Take Your Choice”.

Arkham Asylum (exterior)

A linen van is stopped at the gate and the guards discover a fake bomb strapped underneath in episode 1x16 “Through the Looking-Glass”. Marquis holds a press conference in front of the asylum dissing Batwoman and announcing his investment in Arkham in episode 3x11 “Broken Toys”.