Movies Filmed at J.S.McMillan Fisheries

12 Orwell St, North Vancouver, BC V7J 2G1, Canada
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Lynnwood Marina from The Flash and 3 other movies.
140 m

Univar Distribution Centre from Fringe and 1 other movie.
165 m

Bay Street & Orwell Street from Alcatraz
205 m

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Shapeshifter Warehouse

Warehouse where the shapeshifter takes Malcolm Truss to complete his work in episode #405 "Novation".


Naval Dock

Nicole shows the trio the submarine they can use to travel to the healing cave in episode 2x12 “Serenity”.


Calvin and Xander try to convince Levi to head back into the ocean but as they are leaving they are attacked by some folks to whom Calvin owes money in episode 2x12 “Serenity”.