Movies Filmed at Pacific Central Station

1150 Station Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 2E5, Canada

A Neoclassical Revival train station opened in 1919 for the Canadian Northern Pacific Railway, it now houses Amtrak's Cascades and Via Rail's Canadian lines. A Vancouver heritage building.

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The Flash

Train Station

Joe and Eddie go to the train station to try and stop Leonard Snart from leaving the city in episode 1x04 “Going Rogue”. Joe finds Laura Stone at the train station and warns her about Clive Yorkin in episode 3x12 “Untouchable”.

South Plaza Train Station

Cisco tracks Dr. Light to the train station and Barry confronts and ultimately captures her in episode 2x05 “The Darkness and the Light”.

Midway Auction House (exterior)

Ralph and Barry discuss the plan outside the swanky underworld auction and Ralph has Barry suit up in a tuxedo in episode 6x06 “License to Elongate”.


Metropolitan Railway Station

Max finds Sally at the train station where she is preparing to leave the city in episode 1x05 “Is a Shark Good or Bad?”.

The X-Files

Atlantic City Police Station

Mulder and Scully walk out the police station after being kicked out by the local police and Scully heads back to D.C. while Mulder stays in town in episode 1x05 “The Jersey Devil”.


Masstrack Station

Station where the train full of dead folks is found and the start of episode #218 "White Tulip".

Penn Station / Springsteen Station

Fauxlivia tries to pass back over to Over There in episode #308 "Entrada".

Mount Vernon Station

Train station where Grant Russo gets off a train in episode 3x09 “Marionette”.

Train Station

Dana Gray gets on a train in episode #317 "Stowaway".

Boston Train Station

Station where the shapeshifter sends a message to Over There at the end of #405 "Novation".


End of the Line

Kate uses her grappling hook to stop the runaway train before anyone is hurt and then gets photographed in a suggestive position after a police officer tackles her out of potential danger in episode 1x10 “How Queer Everything Is Today!”.

Gotham City News Stand

People pick up newspapers talking about the incident between Kate and the police officer in episode 1x10 “How Queer Everything Is Today!”.

Brittany & Company

Ryan investigates an alarm at a jewelry store and finds a young kid who asks her to investigate his missing brother in episode 2x04 “Fair Skin, Blue Eyes”.