Movies Filmed at Alley (south of Homer, west of Pender)

West Pender Street & Homer Street, Vancouver, BC V6B, Canada
Nearby Locations
The Permanent from The Flash and 7 other movies.
32 m

Victorian Hotel from Supergirl
34 m

Victoria Block from Arrow and 1 other movie.
38 m

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Back Alley Meeting

Simon buys supplies from a sketchy supplier while preparing the network in the past in episode 2x11 “Simon”.



A Children of Liberty gang collects their weapons and strides out to murder aliens in episode 4x06 “Call to Action”.

Alley near Hospital

Diggle fights off Councilwoman Rankin's two guards while Kelly chases her, but isn't quite able to defeat her with her new powers in episode 6x12 “Blind Spots”.


Alley behind Star City National Bank

Eric Dunn and his crew blow a hole in the back wall of a bank while posing as construction crew in episode 5x07 “Vigilante”.

Alley behind Star City Allied Bank

Eric Dunn's crew is attacked by the Vigilante after robbing anther bank before being defended by Team Arrow in episode 5x07 “Vigilante”.