Psych: The Movie Filming Locations

Juliet finds herself the target of a strange revenge scheme while Shawn and Gus struggle to get their new business running in San Francisco.

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Psych: The Movie was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Allied Shipbuilders

Market of Crime

Shawn ransacks the supplies of the fence El Proveedor looking for his stolen engagement ring.


Billy McGoldrick waits at the pier for everyone and then takes them on a boat to Alcatraz.


Steveston Landing

Waterfront Market

Shawn runs through a busy crowd while being chased by El Proveedor and his goons.


Alley (south of Alexander, west of Hawks)

Alley behind Blitzen Ross

Shawn searches through the bag of stolen jewelry and then continues running after he is unable to find the ring.


704 Alexander Street

Blitzen Ross

Shawn runs inside the new pharmaceutical company where Gus works and hides under his desk.

Homer Street (between Georgia & Dunsmuir)


Juliet is staking out the street with her partner Sam Sloan when she spots someone stealing from a table.


Alley (south of Richards, west of Dunsmuir)


Juliet cuts off the thief in the alley only to realize it is Chief Vick's daughter Iris.


314 Regina Street

Vick's Home

Juliet goes to tell Karen Vick about her daughter's theft but Iris convinces her not to tell.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

Sunnyvale Mental Hospital (interior)

Inside the abandoned mental hospital Shawn and Gus find a dog guarding the high security wing.

Del Mar Inn (basement)

Juliet and the boys chase Billy McGoldrick but he manages to escape their grasp.

Alcatraz Hallways

Woody and Henry find themselves battling Heather Rockrear and getting their asses kicked.

El Proveedor's Hideout

El Proveedor interrogates a criminal to find out about Shawn.


Juliet, Shawn, and Gus head to the morgue for Sam Sloan's autopsy and find Woody working as the coroner's assistant.

Arch Alley (south of Hastings, west of Abbott)

Chinatown Alley

Gus walks down the alley to the new Psych office.

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Bay City General Hospital (interior)

Gus and Shawn head to the hospital where Juliet's new partner is hospitalized.

North Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Bay City General Hospital (exterior)

Shawn and Gus head outside and Nick Conforth gets their attention to give them intel about the case.

West Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Sunnyvale Mental Hospital (exterior)

Gus and Shawn head to the metal hospital to find is condemned and locked.

Gordon MacMillan Southam Observatory


Gus takes Shawn to a night at the observatory and Gus attracts the attention of Selene.

London School

The Tenderloin Lofts

Juliet, Shawn, and Gus emerge from the apartment and see Billy McGoldrick coming out from across the street.

The Ironworks

Juliet & Shawn's Apartment

Gus and Shawn head over to the apartment to find Juliet finally willing to tell them about the case.

Del Mar Inn

Del Mar Inn (exterior)

Billy McGoldrick looks out the window and sees Shawn watching him.

Third Avenue Pier

San Francisco Marina Commercial Harbor

The gang returns to the mainland after defeating their enemies and Juliet and Shawn are married right on the pier by El Proveedor.


Bayview Street & Second Avenue

Santa's Street Corner

A man dressed as santa saves El Proveedor from getting hit by a car while crossing the street.


The New Well Tavern


McNab pretends to have a heart attack from all of the salt in front of El Proveedor.