Movies Filmed at Reclaimed Gravel Pit

Part of Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve
Unnamed Road, North Vancouver, BC V7J, Canada
Nearby Locations
Seymour Mainline (near Gravel Pit) from The X-Files
394 m

Spur 4 Bridge from The 100 and 7 other movies.
1.1 km

Mid-Valley Fisheries Enhancement from The 100 and 2 other movies.
1.3 km

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The 100

Supply Bunker

Clarke and Bellamy locate a supply bunker and find a bunch of guns in episode #108 "Day Trip".

Dropship Crash Site

The group investigates the crash site of the hijacked dropship in episode #110 "I Am Become Death".

Camp Jaha / Arkadia

The survivors from the ark set up camp in the remains of Alpha Station in episode #201 "The 48". The camp is renamed Arkadia and expanded in episode #301 "Wanheda".

Meeting Indra

Abigail goes to meet with Indra to try and negotiate a lighter sentence for Finn in episode #208 "Spacewalker".

Destroyed Tondc

Octavia leads people in a rescue attempt after the missile attack in episode #213 "Resurrection".

Final War Camp

Clarke and Lexa hold their final war meeting before the assault near the base of Mount Weather in episode #215 "Blood Must Have Blood, Part 1".

Once Upon a Time

Path beneath Town

Belle rides a cart near a town and later sees the flaming beast in episode #211 "The Outsider".


Lian Yu Missile Site

Oliver and Slade find a missile launcher operated by Edward Fyers's team on the island in episode #116 "Dead to Rights".

The X-Files

Townsend Crash Site

Mulder spies on a military investigation into a crashed U.F.O. in episode #110 "Fallen Angel".

Stargate SG-1

Destroyed Alpha Site

SG-1 arrives at Earth's secret off-world base which was recently destroyed by Anubis in episode #716 "Death Knell".

Chulak Gate



Episode #616 "Metamorphosis".