Movies Filmed at Reclaimed Gravel Pit

Unnamed Road, North Vancouver, BC V7J, Canada

Part of Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve

Nearby Locations
Seymour Mainline (near Gravel Pit) from The X-Files
394 m

Spur 4 (south of bridge) from Charmed
1.0 km

Spur 4 Bridge from The 100 and 8 other movies.
1.2 km

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The 100

Supply Bunker

Clarke and Bellamy locate a supply bunker and find a bunch of guns in episode 1x08 “Day Trip”.

Dropship Crash Site

The group investigates the crash site of the hijacked dropship in episode 1x10 “I Am Become Death”.

Camp Jaha / Arkadia

The survivors from the ark set up camp in the remains of Alpha Station in episode 2x01 “The 48”. The camp is renamed Arkadia and expanded in episode 3x01 “Wanheda: Part 1”.

Appears in 16 additional episodes.
Meeting Indra

Abigail goes to meet with Indra to try and negotiate a lighter sentence for Finn in episode 2x08 “Spacewalker”.

Destroyed Tondc

Octavia leads people in a rescue attempt after the missile attack in episode 2x13 “Resurrection”.

Final War Camp

Clarke and Lexa hold their final war meeting before the assault near the base of Mount Weather in episode 2x15 “Blood Must Have Blood: Part 1”.

The X-Files

Townsend Crash Site

Mulder spies on a military investigation into a crashed U.F.O in episode 1x10 “Fallen Angel”.

Appears in “Teso dos Bichos”.

Appears in “Terma”.

Appears in “Never Again”.

Appears in “Detour”.

Appears in “Patient X”.