Movies Filmed at The Chan Centre for the Performing Arts

6265 Crescent Rd Greater Vancouver A, BC, Canada

Part of The University of British Columbia
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The Chan Centre is a gorgeous performance venue located on the University of British Columbia campus. The main Chan Shun Concert Hall features a distinctive floating canopy and beautiful teak walls. The smaller Telus Studio Theatre features three-story stacked seating which can be moved into various configurations. The building also features the small Royal Bank Cinema, a beautiful soaring lobby, and various versatile backstage spaces.

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GD Storage Facility

Facility where defunct GD experiments are stored in the episode #202 "Try, Try Again" was inside the Telus Studio Theatre.

GD Bathroom

The bathroom where Fargo first puts on the shield device in episode #202 "Try, Try Again" is inside the women's restroom in the lobby (redressed as the men's restroom).



August watches and then kidnaps the girl at the start of episode #208 "August".

World Tolerance Initiative Conference

Conference the terrorist attempts to attack in episode #214 "The Bishop Revival".

Whitley Museum

Olivia and Sam Weiss travel to the museum to retrieve the artifact in episode 3x21 “The Last Sam Weiss”.


Dr. Perrow's Office

Dr. Perrow calls to drop Vincent as a patient and later Grant and Carly show up to recruit the doctor to help them track him down in episode 2x11 “Simon”.

Coastal Cross Memorial Hospital Charity Gala

Kat is attending a fundraiser with Grant when she meets Vincent Ingram who becomes very interested in some strange paintings created by a patient in episode 2x11 “Simon”.

Legends of Tomorrow

Vanishing Point

Rip Hunter tries to convince the Time Masters to give him the resources necessary to stop Vandal Savage in pilot episode “Pilot, Part 1”. Rip and a fellow cadet are put on trial by the Time Council in a flashback in episode 1x07 “Marooned”.

Lindgren Banking Securities [2025]

Darhk and Merlyn bring the memoryless Rip Hunter to recover the contents of his safe deposit box in episode 2x10 “The Legion of Doom”.

Motherland: Fort Salem

Fort Salem (auditorium/ritual chamber)

General Sarah Adler gives a speech welcoming the new recruits to basic training. Later, Raelle ducks out of a training session in episode 1x01 “Say the Words”.


Hilltowne University Graduate Center

Parker asks Maggie out on a date now that Lucy has moved on and later Macy meets with Galvin to fire him but cannot do it in episode 1x07 “Out of Scythe”. Macy finally meets up with Galvin to talk to him about the whole witch thing and later Maggie runs into Parker and has trouble keeping her feelings in check despite the spell in episode 1x10 “Keep Calm and Harry On”. Maggie stops Mel from stalking Niko on Instagram and then Lucy invites Maggie to a party. Later, Maggie tells Parker that she no longer hates him in episode 1x12 “You're Dead To Me”.

Elder Council

Harry is tried by the Elders for his relationship with Charity and stripped of his powers in episode 1x17 “Surrender”. Harry and the sisters set up an ambush using the remaining Elders as bait but are caught off guard by Hunter's vicious attack in episode 1x20 “Ambush”.

H.M. Brown U.S. Courthouse

Elder Cate Monroe is leaving a meeting when someone gives her a cup of poisoned coffee in episode 1x20 “Ambush”.


Imaginary Classroom

David's rational mind helps him create a classroom in his mind where he can calmly work through the problem of the parasite in episode 1x07 “Chapter 7”.

Summerland (hallway)

Melanie walks through the hallway heading towards where Oliver is frozen in episode 1x07 “Chapter 7”.


NURV Canteen

NURV's cafeteria was filmed at the Chan Centre and modeled after Apple Inc's actual cafeteria.

The Egg

All of the programmers work in The Egg (or NURV Center) which was filmed inside the Chan Centre's performance space.


An unknown episode was shot in the Telus Studio Theatre.

ATSU Entrance

Entrance to the Amalgamated Transport and Shipping Union offices. Filmed in the Royal Bank Cinema lobby. in episode 1x07 “The Politics of Time”.

Fancy Restaurant (2073)

Filmed in the rotunda and women's restroom. in episode 1x07 “The Politics of Time”.

Altered Carbon

Bancroft Estate (fight room)

Ortega checks the identification of the two fighters and later the party guests watch the fight in episode 1x03 “In a Lonely Place”.