Movies Filmed at Cleveland Dam

Dam Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7R, Canada

The Cleveland Dam is located at the head of the Capilano River in North Vancouver. This is not a hydroelectric dam, but is used to hold back the waters of the Capilano watershed for use as drinking water to Vancouver. Popular because of its accessibility as well as the gorgeous views of the lake and mountains behind.

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Unexpected Gorge

Strange gorge that Henry and Allison find while investigating strange readings in episode #409 "I'll Be Seeing You" and where Jack discovers the hidden warehouse.


Fort Easton Power Site

Maggie unlocks the clue and heads to investigate the Faction controlled dam with Mel and Ray in episode 2x18 “Don't Look Back in Anger”. Julian, transformed into Nadia, calls Macy to report on his progress and the magical shield protecting the dam in episode 3x02 “Someone's Going to Die”.


Gotham Dam

Pam leads Mary to the dam and tells her about her plan to drown the industrial district in episode 3x10 “Toxic”.