Movies Filmed at Cleveland Dam

Dam Rd, North Vancouver, BC V7R, Canada

The Cleveland Dam is located at the head of the Capilano River in North Vancouver. This is not a hydroelectric dam, but is used to hold back the waters of the Capilano watershed for use as drinking water to Vancouver. Popular because of its accessibility as well as the gorgeous views of the lake and mountains behind.

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The Flash

Keystone Cleveland Dam

Hartley Rathaway attacks drivers on the dam in an effort to trap The Flash in episode 1x11 "The Sound and the Fury".


The team supervises Barry as he tries to increase his speed by attempting to jump over a canyon in episode 2x16 "Trajectory".


Starling City Dam

Ra's al Ghul and Oliver battle on the top of the dam in episode 3x23 "My Name Is Oliver Queen".


Unexpected Gorge

Strange gorge that Henry and Allison find while investigating strange readings in episode #409 "I'll Be Seeing You" and where Jack discovers the hidden warehouse.

Battlestar Galactica

Kobol Forest

The woods just west of the dam can be seen as the Cylon missile site in episode #203 "Fragged".

The Gates of Hera

The peaks (actually called The Lions) were filmed from here for episode #207 "Home: Part 2".


From episode 3x04 "Ghost Ship".

Source: IMDb

The 6th Day

Car Over Cliff

Dark Angel

Max and Hannah Sukova run from Lydecker's men in episode 1x01 "Heat".

Human Target

Alaskan Sheriff's Road Block

Road block Chance bypasses in episode 1x10 "Tanarak".


Chance and Dr. Shaw jump off a cliff next to waterfall in episode 1x10 "Tanarak".


Caprica Park

Amanda and Agent Duram meet in episode 1x16 "The Heavens Will Rise". Amanda and Daniel go to search for the lost holoband in episode 1x18 "Apotheosis".

V-World Forest

Amanda, Daniel, and Sam trek through a forest to find Zoe and Lacy in episode 1x16 "The Heavens Will Rise". From episode 1x17 "Here Be Dragons".

Battlestar Galactica: The Plan

Caprica Bridge

Bridge that the pyramid team sees the Cylon raider launch from.