Movies Filmed at St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church

1012 Nelson Street, Vancouver, BC V6E 1J1, Canada
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A Gothic Revival style church that opened in 1933, houses the United Church of Canada. The church was designed by Robert & George Twizell, two of the founding members of the Wesley Methodist church. A Vancouver heritage building.

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St. Brennan's Catholic Church

Lucifer goes to church with Ella in episode 2x08 "Trip to Stabby Town".


Wedding Chapel

Shawn interrupts the wedding to identify the thief and murderer in front of everyone in episode 1x03 "Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Piece".


St. Paul Lutheran Church

Kara waits for Alex outside the venue and learns about her sister's night with Sara in episode 3x08 "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1".

The X-Files

Cathedral of the Sacraments

Scully attends a service before the case and later returns with Mulder to light a candle in episode 11x09 "Nothing Lasts Forever".



Flynn talks to a priest at a Catholic church and tries to decide what to do in episode 1x15 "Public Enemy No. 1".


Nightcrawler's Church

X-Men: The Last Stand

Mutant Rights Meeting

The Exorcist

Antwerp Church

Father Bennett waits in a church for Mouse who makes him take communion before meeting with him in episode 2x03 "Unclean".

Chicago Church

The demon shows Tomas a vision of his life at the fancy perish back in Chicago in episode 2x09 "Ritual & Repetition".


Bucharest Cathedral

Parker and Hunter visit an a cathedral to steal an important amulet from a dead saint but are interrupted by a priest in episode 1x09 "Jingle Hell".

Dark Angel

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church

Max goes to this church to meet with Ben in episode 1x16 "Pollo Loco".

Human Target


Main churchy area of the monastery in episode 1x04 "Sanctuary".

Battle In Seattle

Hiding in Church

John Doe


The church John visits in episode 1x10 "The Mourner".

The Romeo Section


Eva works in the church where Miguel Padilla is being granted sanctuary in episode 1x01 "The China Shop".

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