Good Witch Filming Locations

Part of the Good Witch series

Good Witch was filmed in Hamilton, Toronto, Cambridge, Mississauga, & Peterborough in Canada.

Foxbar House

Grey House

Appears in 39 episodes.
Appears in “Starting Over… Again”, “Running Scared”, “Do the Right Thing”, “All In The Family”, “The Truth About Lies”, “The Storm”, “Together We Stand…”, “Apologies and Remembrances”, “Good Witch Halloween”, “Second Time Around”, “Driven”, “Out of the Past”, “The Trouble with Love”, “Risk”, “What's Your Secret?”, “A Perfect Match: Part 2”, “Secrets of Grey House”, “A Budding Romance”, “Without Magic for a Spell”, “Day After Day”, “How to Say I Love You!”, “A Birthday Wish”, “In Sickness and in Health”, “Somewhat Surprising”, “Not Getting Married Today: Part 1”, “Not Getting Married Today: Part 2”, “Spellbound”, “With This Ring”, “Written Like a Merriwick”, “How to Make a Middleton Quilt”, “Tossing The Bouquet”, “Tale of Two Hearts”, “The Tea”, “The Road Trip”, “The Comet”, “Curse from a Rose”, “The Chocolates”, “The Party”, & “The Shell”.

Source: IMDb

5A Overfield Street

Radford House

Appears in 20 episodes.